Uncoiler Shaft

Alphadrive Engineering Services Limited was awarded the order to manufacture a pair of Uncoiler shafts for a large steel mill.

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Uncoiler Shaft

From a small window of opportunity – Just in Time

Re-Use. Refurbish
During a major refurbishment program, a pair of uncoiler shafts were commissioned from a large steel mill. The shafts were required within a very tight window so delivery times were critical.

Right 1st Time
Reproduction of the shafts within the tiny window of opportunity meant getting the job done – right 1st time. From old faded drawings, new sharp copies were produced and the shafts immediately put in it production

Design & Build
Multi-engineering disciplines were required to produce the shafts quickly and economically.

Through machining and fabrication shops, Alphadrive’s engineers ran the project through each process seamlessly.

Progress updates are issued to the customer showing each stage of the manufacturing process via Alphadrive’s unique app. This included picture and video documentation for maintenance report and logging.

From initial contact to delivery, this project was completed within the 4 week window Vs. The OEM lead time of 6 – 8 weeks.

Maintain & Repair
Alphadrive Engineering Services Limited have both electrical and mechanical divisions which offer electrical drive and control capabilities as well as design, machining and fabrication capabilities all in-house. This allows for on-going maintenance & repair of the plant which extends to condition-based monitoring for increased running efficiency.

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