Re-Engineered Coil Jack

Alphadrive Engineering Services Limited Awarded Design & Manufacture of Coil Jack for Global Steel Manufacture

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Re-Engineered Coil Jack

Taking a good design
& making it better

Maintenance Costs Vs. Production
Constant maintenance requirements and repair costs Vs. Production requirements lead to a decision to seek an improved solution for the coil jack that sits within coil line magazine.

coil jack 2
coil jack 1

Downtime = Frowntime

Problems included failing shear pins distorting the coil jack body and heavy wear on the screw mechanism meant high maintenance costs and downtime for production.

Design & Build

Through re-design and re-engineering, Alphadrive proposed a solution by converting screw actuation to hydraulic power and manufacturing a complete coil jack in-house.

Machined and fabricated within Alphadrive’s workshops, the new design Coil Jack was manufactured to our own design and drawings.

Benefits of the new coil jack include minimal maintenance downtime and increased production uptime. Investment costs could be recovered by avoiding a single breakdown.

Further benefits to the customer are; – saving on investment from OEM and lowering the lead time by 8 weeks.

Maintain & Repair

Alphadrive Engineering Services Limited have both electrical and mechanical divisions which offer electrical drive and control capabilities as well as design, machining and fabrication capabilities all in-house. This allows for on-going maintenance & repair of plant which extends to condition based monitoring for increased running efficiency.

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