Eccentric Screen Shaft

Alphadrive Engineering Services Limited was awarded the order to manufacture 2084mm x 130mm Dia Eccentric Screen Shaft with 25mm throw.

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Eccentric Screen Shaft

Eccentric – unconventional
but very British!

You break it – we make it
Over time, wear and tear is a certainty and at some point, catastrophic failure may occur. This was the case for a recycling business who’s shredder ground to a halt.

Take away the problem

From strip down to receiving the sample shaft, a reproduction engineering drawing was quickly produced with workable dimensions and material specs issued to engineers.

Design & Build

Using the many years experience from Alphadrive’s Engineers, having CNC, turning and milling capability’s in-house and an excellent supply chain for materials, even non-standard and Technical manufacturing is possible – with quick lead-times.

Progress updates are issued to the customer showing each stage of the manufacturing process via Alphadrive’s unique app. This included picture and video documentation for own maintenance report and logging.

Lead times were dramatically slashed from purchasing direct from the manufacturer which meant production down-time was shortened. Savings on time and cost equally.

Maintain & Repair

Alphadrive Engineering Services Limited have both electrical and mechanical divisions which offer electrical drive and control capabilities as well as design, machining and fabrication capabilities all in-house. This allows for on-going maintenance & repair of the plant which extends to condition-based monitoring for increased running efficiency.

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