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Alpha-Fit, Keeping Ahead of the GAME

By Alphadrive Engineering

Strength of Mind

If you can’t get to the gym because of time or money, then the gym will come to you! That is the Alphadrive philosophy.

The First step is always the hardest
Time is never kind and work, the family will take president over what time we do have. There has never been a better time – or reason to get strong, fit and healthy. The commitment needed is more than a couple of sessions a week and cut down on the cakes. A focussed plan requires a life change in many areas, not just exercise and diet and this is something that can always be put off till tomorrow.

Early till late = GREAT
As a diverse & inclusive business who’s mission is ‘to make a difference’ within the industry. This doesn’t mean to just our valued customers. But to the people, we employ and wish to attract as employees. The doors are open to the gym from dawn to dusk so family, work and exercise life can work in harmony.

Healthy Mind & Healthy Body
12.8 million working days are lost to work-related stress, depression and anxiety. Each year. It is a well researched and documented fact that regular exercise can have positive effects on depression, anxiety and stress. It helps improve memory, alertness, sleep and better mood.

It’s a win-win scenario for Alphadrive, having healthy, happy and alert staff. Great for every participating staff member who benefits from wellbeing. And reassuring for our customers, knowing that they are dealing with a proactive business who cares about quality and being the best that they can be.

Alphadrive Engineering Services Limited. ‘On a mission to make a difference’ through more than just cost, quality service.

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