Motors & Inverters are our speciality.

We can supply new or refurbished motors and invertors to suit your requirements and budget.

The majority of our new motors & inverters are held in stock and can be delivered at short notice worldwide.

Our replacement motors can be designed and built to fit the existing base plate, causing minimum disruption and downtime.

Electric Motor

Rewind of Existing Motors

Sometimes the most cost effective solution is to refurbish / rewind existing motors. We can arrange the rewinding of a complete range of motors:

  • Wire Wound Stators
  • Squirrel Cage Rotor Bars
  • Wire Wound Rotors
  • Soft Form Coil Stators
  • Slip Ring Motors

Design & Build Service

Rewinding existing motors may provide a short term false economy. Rewinding an old obsolete motor may temporarily extend the life of the drive, however, we can advise an efficiency 1 replacement motor with a longer life cycle and lesser power requirement that will provide you with long-term cost savings via:

  • Improved reliability > Reduced Downtime
  • Higher Performance
  • Greater Efficiency > Lower Running Costs
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Lower Long Term Maintenance Costs

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