We are an authorised distributor of the extensive Fuchs Lubricants range.


Catering for a wide array of uses which includes engine oils, food grade lubricants, agricultural oils, cutting fluids, greases, hydraulic oils and much more.  Our technical team is available to help you choose the right lubricant for your application.

Lubricants are our speciality.  FUCHS is the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer, with over 11,000 product lines supplied in the UK.

We believe that the perfect lubricant partner should not only supply the right high performance lubricant, but also provide exceptional levels of service and support to customers.


Our dewatering fluids are temporary corrosion protection oils with specialist additives to provide excellent water displacement. Offering short to medium term protection, our dewatering fluids are ideally suited for the temporary protection of parts, for example during storage or transportation. Our products are versatile in use and are both up- and downstream compatible (e.g. with engine oils, gear box oils, etc.). The ANTICORIT DF range of products is based on the newest technology innovations, is barium free and provides improved demulsification and dewatering performance. Based on the latest formulation technology to provide consistent film forming capabilities and good stability in storage.


ANTICORIT OHK products are corrosion protection concentrates principally designed for use as a dilution in solvents or low viscosity oils. Forms a clear solution in all solvents and leaves a highly viscous, oily, non-resinating protective film on components.  Where high corrosion protection is needed, ANTICORIT OHK is the ideal solution. These products have been developed for use as corrosion protection agents for difficult assembly construction units or as rust dissolving agents.

Specific corrosion protection requirements for metalworking fluids, can be met by adding ANTICORIT OHK to the neat cutting oil. Has a high spreading tendency, making it economical in use.


Water-miscible corrosion preventatives for the cleaning and interim protection of semi-finished components, phosphate parts and components used in the potable water sector. ANTICORIT MKR is used to protect bare and phosphate metal surfaces and can be used as a corrosion inhibitor for radiators and hydraulic water systems.

Our ANTICORIT MKR products are silicone and barium free corrosion protection concentrates, which are easily mixed to form an emulsion. Easy to apply, and film thickness can be adjusted through dilution in water.


Vapour Corrosion Inhibiting products work by releasing molecules that coat the metal surface with a very thin layer of corrosion preventative. The surface film is non-damaging to the component’s surface, does not interfere with subsequent finishing processes and inhibits corrosion. Unlike other corrosion preventatives, the corrosion inhibiting vapours can reach, and therefore have the ability to protect, intricate parts of components. Different metals require different corrosion preventatives, which is why our range includes products for ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and a combination of both. Our VCI films and paper are transparent for ease of inspection and identification of the parts.


Fully synthetic, very high-performance chain oils. Highly resistant to fling-off or wash-off. Excellent protection against wear and corrosion. Main application: Lubrication of drive and transport chains in the food industry. Can be applied by brush, via bath, automatic lubrication systems or spraying.


Fully synthetic, very high-performance, long-life compressor oils. Meet DIN 51506 VBL, VCL, VDL and ISO 6743-3A DAH, DAG, DAJ specifications. Main application: Oil-flooded rotary vane and screw air compressors in food processing plants.


Fully synthetic, multi-purpose, low-volatility fluids suitable for both direct and incidental food contact applications. Can handle a wide range of application temperatures and have excellent thermal and oxidative stability to minimise cracking and promote long service life. Main application: In absorber oil columns designed to remove traces of hexane from steam / air / hexane mixtures. As forming oil for the manufacture of both two- and three-piece cans for the food and beverage industry. In closed circuit and pressureless heat transfer systems with a bulk oil temperature of approximately -30 °C to 280 °C where direct food contact may occur.


Fully synthetic, very high-performance, long-life, anti-wear gear oils. Meet DIN 51517 CLP and ISO 6743/6 specifications. Main application: Suitable for gearboxes on food handling and processing equipment. May also be used for general machine lubrication, e.g. chains.


Fully synthetic, high-performance, long-life, anti-wear hydraulic oils. Meet ISO 6743/4 HM, DIN 51524 HLP, HVLP, and DIN 51517 CLP (ISO 68 and ISO 100) specifications. Main application: Hydraulic systems, hydrostatic gears and control systems, plain and anti-friction bearings on food handling and processing equipment.


Fully synthetic, high-performance vacuum pump oils. Main application: Vacuum pumps producing a medium vacuum, used in the food and beverage processing and packing industry.


Fully synthetic penetrating fluid with excellent creeping and penetrating features. Capillary effect allows quick penetration between rusty and encrusted contact surfaces. Lubricates and protects against corrosion. Has a neutral odour and taste. Main application: Penetrating fluid for use in food grade equipment. Can be used for the disassembling of screws, interlocking nuts, and other components. Offers corrosion protection for metal components. Can be used for lubrication of various non-demanding applications where food grade lubricants are required.

Choosing the best coolant for the application is not always straight forward – accuracy, finish, cycle time, up time, productivity and overall component cost will be affected by the fluid in use.  Compared to other types of lubricants, metalworking fluids need extra care and attention to maintain their effectiveness.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) is the process of applying very small quantities of high lubricity oil, mixed with air, at the point of precise contact between the tool and the workpiece.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication provides micro-lubrication for near dry machining; an ultra-thin layer of lubricant is applied reducing friction and heat between the cutting tool and the work piece.

MQL reduces or eliminates problems associated with thermal shocking of the machine piece (where the machine tool becomes hot and then shatters when it is cooled by the cutting fluid).

Minimum Quantity Lubrication also reduces mist and spray, providing more acceptability when used on unenclosed machines and MQL cutting fluids can be classed as ‘low emission’ lubricants.


As neat cutting oils are not mixed with water, they provide better tool life and surface finishes for difficult operations at low speeds than water soluble cutting oils.  The maintenance of neat cutting fluids is also easier and provides a longer coolant life.

The main disadvantage of neat cutting oils is the poorer cooling capability compared to water soluble cutting fluids , particularly with high-speed machining.  Therefore, neat cutting oils are mainly used for honing, deep hole drilling, grinding and broaching oils.

Our FUCHS ECOCUT range of neat cutting oils have been designed to provide high performance under arduous machining conditions.


Soluble cutting fluids are metalworking fluid concentrates which when mixed with water form an emulsion.  The appearance of the emulsion depends on the particle size of the dispersed oil.

Water soluble cutting oils, because of their good thermal conductivity, have the ability to dissipate heat more readily than neat cutting oils.  Consequently, water soluble coolants have become vital in achieving the higher feeds and speeds required to ensure maximum production efficiency.

Generally used at between 2-10% concentrations in water, water soluble cutting fluids allow significant costs savings over neat cutting oils on most applications.

A range of Antifreeze

The demands made on antifreeze are extremely high; on average, about 150 litres of coolant are pumped around an average car engine per minute. One-third of the combustion temperature is dissipated to the atmosphere by the coolant. The coolant comes into contact with around 100 different materials and must be compatible with all of them.

Used in both passenger car and heavy-duty engines, where a silicate containing coolant is recommended.  Excellent for use in engines, cylinder heads and radiators made of various alloys.

Our range of antifreeze products covers both the commercial vehicle sector and passenger cars.  Don’t let yourself get caught out this winter.

A range of versatile slideway and adhesive lubricants.

The quality of machined components depends heavily on the accurate feed and accurate positioning provided by machine tool slideways with slideway oils playing an important role. Slideway oils must provide a stable, adhesive lubricating film in the presence of metalworking fluids even in micro-feed situations and when pressures are high. Good lubrication eliminates chattering and thus ripples on the surface of components caused by stick-slip.

The products have been specifically formulated for use as machine tool slideway lubricants. The products within the range can also be used as circulatory oils, pneumatic tool lubricants, rock drill oils, general purpose lubricants and chain oils, depending upon specific manufacturer’s requirements.

Refrigeration oils play an important role in the area of lubricants and lubrication technology.  The longevity of refrigeration compressors is closely connected to the quality and performance of the refrigeration oils.  The interaction between the substances which the refrigeration oil comes into contact with, and especially the extremely high and low temperatures, makes very specific demands on refrigeration oils.

Refrigeration oils are based on highly refined, naphthenic selective raffinates that have been dewaxed especially for use at low temperatures. Their degree of refinement ensures that the RENISO K oils are extremely resistant to ageing when combined with any conventional refrigerant, especially with ammonia (NH3), flurochlorinated hydrocarbons (HCFC), and hydrocarbon refrigerants.

RENISO KM 32, KS 46, KC 68 is recommended for use with ammonia (R717), with HCFC- (e.g. R22) and with hydrocarbon refrigerants (e.g. propane, propene, isobutane) in open, semi-hermetic and hermetic compressors.

RENISO KES 100 is recommended for use in HCFC systems, especially when high evaporation and condensation temperatures can occur, as e.g. in bus and vehicle air conditioning systems.

Grease is a liquid lubricant with a solid or semi-fluid thickener, such as soap or PTFE.  Grease fulfills the same requirements as other lubricants – to reduce friction and wear, protect against corrosions, and to dissipate heat.

FUCHS is a leading supplier of greases, supplying grease for all industry sectors worldwide.  We have a comprehensive portfolio of greases covering a wide variety of applications and specifications.

Bearing Greases

When lubricating bearings, the correct preparation, lubrication and running in of the bearing is essential to ensure long-term lubrication.  Bearings should be greased to a maximum of 30% of the free area.

Biodegradable Greases

Certain environments require greases to meet not only performance specifications but also consider the problems of human health – for example in the water treatment industry.

FUCHS is also the world leader in biodegradable lubricant technology, providing greases which are suitable where contact with soil or water may occur.

Gear Greases

Our range of gear greases has been designed to lubricate gears where the use of an oil is deemed unsuitable.

We also have greases suitable for open gears which are subject to heavy loads, slow speeds, and extreme temperatures. Our greases help protect gear teeth, minimising downtime.

Choosing the right mould oil for each application is important to ensure a clean and easy release, without disfiguring the concrete or formwork.

The FUCHS RENOCAST range includes a variety of specially designed mould release agents for concrete, block, roof tile and brick manufacture.  Our cost effective mould oils are used significantly throughout the UK industry.


Brick manufacture consists essentially of mixing clay, other materials and water then either passing it through a desiring pug and cutting process or to a press where the bricks are formed.  The cut bricks are cured and hardened at temperatures up to 150°C.

The RENOCAST BR range is a range of new, environmentally improved, operator friendly mould release agents designed for modern brick manufacturing techniques.

Designed using modern low viscosity solvents with the highest quality polar fatty or surface active release agents, the RENOCAST BR range is designed to provide outstanding results in all modern brick manufacturing equipment.


Concrete consists of a silicone-calcium complex cement plus a bulk aggregate, the consistency of the slurry during the initial reaction is directly related to the percentage of water in the mix.  In its initial semi-fluid state, concrete can be moulded into almost any form or shape.

The RENOCAST CM range is a range of new, highly efficient mould release agents designed for the various formwork materials and application methods found in production of concrete materials

The RENOCAST CM range is innovative technology, designed to maximise the cost effectiveness of formwork face materials.  As each formwork material has a different porosity and micro-surface texture, the selection of a suitable release agent is paramount and RENOCAST CM range is designed to offer optimum performance for all surface types.


Roof tiles are manufactured using an extrusion process.  Moulds are coated with a release agent prior to being fed into the extruder.  Rollers press the tiles whilst the troweling slipper compacts the tile producing a smooth and level finish.  The tiles are then cut to length before being cured and hardened.

The RENOCAST RT products are specialist mould release agents designed to aid in the manufacturing process of clay and concrete tiles such as roof tiles and fire proof roof slates. The products contained within the RENOCAST RT product range are designed to offer high “wetting” capability to ensure that a minimal volume is required to provide effective release from the mould and minimal cure retardation.

We supply lubricants and provide costumers with local manufacturing, first class logistics, and specialist technical support.

Our experienced team work closely with customers, and can assist with product solutions for difficult application areas such as martempering and cooling crack-risk materials.

Our range of quenchants is based on high-quality hydrocracked oils with a low level of evaporation. Within the Molecular Conversion (MC) process, standard mineral oils are converted by chemical reaction with hydrogen under high pressure and temperatures. The result of this hydrocracking is a relatively inexpensive mineral oil based quenchant that is comparable in performance to more expensive synthetic quenchants.

Professional quality car care range. This range of bespoke products is designed to give consumers a professional finish to both the interior and exterior of their vehicle whilst ensuring easy application and finishing.


A combination of anti-fungal additives and bactericides combined in a small, one-shot aerosol. Pleasantly perfumed and proven to kill the moulds and bacteria which typically breed in air conditioning systems causing unpleasant odours.

Easy to use, single use aerosol.  Once deployed, the spray circulates through your car’s air conditioning system.


A low odour glass cleaner with a unique formulation specifically designed to clean windows and mirrored surfaces without streaking. When applied with a soft cloth and polished this product it will leave a light smear free surface even in direct sunlight.

Spray directly onto glass or use a cloth to rub onto the area to be cleaned.  Rub in a circular motion and then allow to dry.  Polish with a clean dry cloth.

Note, not suitable for use on very hot surfaces.


A highly effective detergent cleaner for the removal of dust and grease from aluminium surfaces. Suitable for truck bodies, alloy wheels, mobile homes, boats, castings, etc. Removes brake dust from vehicle wheels and inhibits surface oxidation.

This powerful alloy cleaner comes in a 500ml trigger spray bottle.  The resulting high powered spray instantly bonds with brake deposits and other traffic films, and the resulting effervescent action ensures maximum penetration.