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Your Problem

Production failings, elements such as bearings are continually failing.  Striking at anytime, any failing, however small, can leave your business without vital productivity and cause problematic and costly downtime.

Short Term

Your first option is to source the cheapest possible bearings to reduce the maintenance costs, we can source the bearings for you at the right price which provides you with a short term solution to your problem.

Long Term

Alternatively, one of our qualified engineers can visit you on-site and assess the entire Power Transmission system and provide a failure analysis. The analysis will uncover where in the train the problem is occurring and our engineer can offer an on the spot recommendation to fix the cause of the problem.

Improved reliability > Reduced Downtime

Environmental Benefits

Greater Efficiency > Lower Running Costs

Lower long-term maintenance costs

Reduced Life Cycles

Complete Solution Management

Following a successful failure analysis identifying the problem we can take complete control of rectifying the situation. Our team will source and oversee the work required to rectify your problem. Our extensive experience and endless list of contacts allows us to buy the right parts and labour at the right price, without compromising quality.

Providing you with one central point of contact through the entire process.

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