Alpha Drive Engineering Services offer a range of bearing sourcing, supply and analysis services

Supplying many commercial and individual clients. We offer fast, knowledgeable, personal service, with sensible conversation that leads to the right product at the right price.

We have the ability to be flexible enough to suit your requirements, for example, if it is not always possible for you to obtain a part number don’t worry, it may be possible for us to identify by size or physical inspection.

Our product knowledge and controlled overheads mean we are often able to offer alternative delivery options and cost savings.

The range of available products is too large to list on this site, please browse the following pages as an indication of the services we provide and contact us either by phone or email to discuss your requirements.

Bearing Analysis

Valuable information is obtained if bearings are disassembled and examined not only after failure but after a certain time of operation.  Our specialist team are experts in understanding the root causes of bearing failure.

Bearing Sourcing

We can help you define, implement and optimize your sourcing transactions. We provide independent sourcing advisory services tailored to your specific needs.